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Modeling a helical stairs using CATIA V5

Repetitive tasks made easy with loops in CATIA V5. Let’s see how.

Loops in CATIA help you create multiple instances of a feature faster and quicker. You only need to provide required input elements and that’s it. Knowledgeware capabilities of CATIA has made selection of no. of elements even easier with tools like List. Select a bunch of elements, say Points, in their order to be used while instantiation of a feature(s), and the software automatically selects them while iterating.

I’ve made a simple and effective example to explain how does this work. The image below shows what we’re going to obtain in the end.


Click here to get the tutorial slides and enjoy going through it! Thanks and visit again for more. Smile


‘Buffering…’ animation using CATIA V5

You must have seen an animation being played while a video on web is being loaded, commonly referred to as buffering. We’re going to create that in CATIA V5!

So let’s roll!

We’re going to create that in CATIA V5 using very few simple tricks. I’ve provided a link below to download the tutorial. It’s a .rar document, uncompress it anyhow you chose. It includes an executable file named ‘Buffering…animation.exe’, simply start it to go through the tutorial.

You’ll need a .pdf document reader and a media player, which I assume all of you do. Just as a preview of what we’re going to obtain, here is an image…


Reference documents are given in a folder named ‘Ref. documents’.

Click here to get it!

(Download the ‘Buffering…animation.rar’ document from the folder)

A night lamp in CATIA V5

Deutsch: CATIA-Logo

Although, CATIA isn’t developed to create night lamps, but still one can do so! Let’s see how.

The tutorial describes a ‘how-to’ approach to the model shown below. Note that the tutorial skips rendering techniques, maintaining the overall attention to modeling. And of course, it’s just an approach, not ‘the way’.

Night lamp0

Night lamp5

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