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Creating a PC speaker set using SolidWorks

Hello there! This time we’re going to create a speaker set with woofer and chords using SolidWorks.

Although, we’re eliminating interior components and rendering the model. I have created this tutorial with a bunch of .pdf files which describe, step-by-step, one of many approaches to the model and bunch of supplementary videos which give more insights into steps to be followed. Some of the components used in the tutorial are readily available in .step format so you can import them into any version of software you might be using (browse to Reference components folder)

The tutorial teaches you surface modeling techniques, assembly modeling basics, and associative design in which changing one component changes others referenced to it. Image below shows the outcome of this tutorial (without rendering though).

PC Speaker15

Make sure to plug-in the power cable before you render it! Or turn the power LED off prior rendering!

Click here to get the complete tutorial!

(Download the ‘PC_Speaker_Set_SolidWorks.rar’ document from the folder)


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