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Rotate, letter, rotate!–SolidWorks

I am sure you didn’t get whatever is written above! So read on!

You know how to enter text in sketch. You know even how to assign rotation to the text characters up to certain degree. But what if you need to apply different rotation angle to each letter? Well, you can use the text tool for each character one-by-one and assign rotation to it.

The ‘tip’ part: Instead of doing that, you can rotate each character differently of the text while creating it. Just observe the syntax the software is using to apply rotation. As an example, say you want to write ‘SolidWorks’, with its letter rotated to 90 degrees. So you apply rotation and modify the default 30deg value to 90deg.


So to apply different angle to each letter, just write down the following and you’re done.


Write each letter in between <r’angle’> and </r>.


Note that you can even enter negative angle as well!

That’s it for now. Come back soon for more!Smile


2 responses to “Rotate, letter, rotate!–SolidWorks

  1. Udit February 9, 2012 at 11:20 PM

    Can you please tell me which are the 5 points because of which you will not use any other software other then SolidWorks.

    • Sahaj Panchal February 11, 2012 at 1:34 AM

      First of all, the user interface. Everything is handy and fully customizable.(the shortcut bar, mouse gestures….)
      Second, the ease of use, in terms of modeling and design modification. (instant-3d, SWIFT) (sometimes it feels that the software is ‘understanding’ you.)
      Next, configuration capability. Lets you create many versions of your design, within a single document.
      Touch screen capability. (amazing!)
      And last but not the least, graphics and rendering capability.
      These are just a list of points I like about the software. There is more to be liked!!

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