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Monthly Archives: January 2012

A night lamp in CATIA V5

Deutsch: CATIA-Logo

Although, CATIA isn’t developed to create night lamps, but still one can do so! Let’s see how.

The tutorial describes a ‘how-to’ approach to the model shown below. Note that the tutorial skips rendering techniques, maintaining the overall attention to modeling. And of course, it’s just an approach, not ‘the way’.

Night lamp0

Night lamp5

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Get correct ratio coupling in CATIA V5

Multi-sections solid (even multi-sections surface) tool is a little bit tricky for uneven sketches.

To apply the correct coupling for uneven shapes, say a circle and a rectangle, is a little tedious as you need to create same number of points on circle as the rectangle. And even sometimes you may not get the perfect matching points by manually placing them. So here is the solution to get over with. It may be a little lengthy but gives you the perfect result.

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Assembly mates in SolidWorks: Mechanical mates

Mechanical mates in SolidWorks….

List below shows the mechanical mates…


As stated earlier in previous post, mechanical mates are used to create mechanisms in an assembly. Prior to assigning mechanical mates, it’s necessary to reduce degrees of freedom of a component such that it can only be moved in the desired direction. Say you want to create a gear mechanism, than first constraint a gear such that it can only be rotated in it’s axial direction.

(You need to do so for the examples given in this post.)

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