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Tip: Adaptive swept surface

You can create sketch implicitly while creating the swept surface.

As stated above, instead of explicitly creating a profile sketch, you can sketch it while creating the swept, which, in fact, is recommended as well.

Let’s see how…

Consider the following example, in which the guide curves are drawn, with reference surface, and the profile sketch needs to be created. So select the adaptive sweep tool, select the guide curve (yellow colored).


Now go to sketch selection and select the sketch tool placed besides the selection box. The software prompts you to select a point, so select one (blue colored). The point can be any geometric point, explicitly created or even a vertex of the guide.

Note that the current model contains three guide curves (red, white and yellow). You can select as many guide curves as required.

Now select the remaining guide curves (white and red) one by one and hit OK. You can select aggregated sketch and positioned sketch to create them so. (aggregated means the sketch will be there beneath the adaptive sweep feature in spec. tree, and I guess you already know what positioned sketch is).

The software automatically finds and creates intersections of the selected guide curve with the sketch plane (which will pass from the selected point – blue one). Create a desired sketch now and exit the sketcher. Select spine if required and hit preview and OK if the result is as required. Here’s in our case…


Thanks for reading! Keep visiting for more…Smile


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